We all walk around in this amazing and wondrous contraption called "a body", which can be used in such a variety of ways, some of which might seem to border on magic.

For musicians; no matter what instrument you play: your primary "instrument" is your body and learning to understand it and how you can make it work at its optimal capacity is vital knowledge.

As a bodyworker and a musician I offer lessons and training in Timani and Nutritious Movement™.

Out bodies mirror our lifestyles.

When our body no longer wants to play the game is over.

Without it, no thoughts, no actions, and no expressions or experiences are possible.

Without our bodies, we have no world, no family, and no friends,

without our bodies we could not exist.

Its complex structure is fascinating , as are the lives it allows us to live.

- Menschen Museum, Berlin. fra utstillingen Bodyworlds