-Learn how you can slow down or prevent common "age-related" ailments by becoming a more conscious daily mover

- Learn about how increasing your interoception, your internal sensory awareness, might affect your mental and emotional state of mind

-Find out if re-occurring tensions or aches are the result of ways in which you use your body on a daily basis

We all walk around in this amazing and wondrous contraption called "a body", which can be used in such a variety of ways, some of which might seem to border on magic.

Even so we are given little or no knowledge about it as we grow up and many times we are also conditioned or expected to ignore its signals and subtle messages when they don´t align with the demands of society or our everyday life.

In my practice I work with the body from a holisitic perspective. Check the services I offer below

For musicians; no matter what instrument you play: your primary "instrument" is your body and learning to understand it and how you can make it work at its optimal capacity is vital knowledge in being able to have your body support everything you wish to express through your music. This is the subject of Timani

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Myofascial Energetic Release

Timani - musicians health

Nutritious Movement ™

Regarding the covid-19 - situation:

For the time being  most consultations and sessions will be offered online.

I am, however, happy to say that following the advice of Norwegian Health authorities I will again be able to offer Myofascial Energetic Release-bodywork sessions with certain small changes:

- Sessions might be cancelled on short notice if there is any trace of symptoms or infection on clients or practitioners part. Cancellation on short notice will of course not be charged.

-  No hand shake upon arrival (I use the namaste-greeting, you are welcome to do the same or what ever you prefer 🙂 

- Please bring your own water bottle to the session as no water or tea will be served at the present time

- For your safety and well-being: I use single, disposable covers for the massage bench which are changed between each session and all towels are of course washed between each session (as always)

- Bathroom is available and will be disinfected between each client visit.

- Above all: Please consider your own health situation and if you are at special risk (suffer from any conditions which makes you particularly vulnerable for infection) before deciding to book a treatment at the present moment.

Body coaching 1:1 session

Learn to target specific physical challenges and to understand how to access more of your body´s innate possibilities of mending, healing, movement and functioning. Both in order to heal cronic pain situations, increase mobility, meet everyday movement requirements or specific physical challenges of the moment.

In a body coaching session I use multiple approaches and techniques based on the individual needs and wishes of the client. Through applied anatomy, physical exercises, movement analysis or gentle hands-on techniques from the methods of Timani, Nutritious Movement and Myofascial Energetic Release I help you to turn your body into your ally. Both for musicians and others.

Sessions in Oslo but some problems can also bee adressed over Skype. Norwegian or English

First session 90 min: 750,- Regular sessions 60 min: 600,- . Discounts available.

Mind coaching 1:1 session

You are not your emotions or your thoughts. But how you consciously and unconsciously RELATE to your body and mind, and to the emotions and thoughts within that mind has everything to do with how you personally experience life today.

I use somatic and cognitive coaching techniques from Timani, Mind Detox, Embodiment, Tantra and Chöd-meditation to give you tools to meet challenges in your life in a more embodied and fluid way with your body as an active participant in the process. A fundamental respect for the Mind-Body connection forms the basis of all these techniques.

Sessions in Oslo or over Skype. Norwegian or English.

First session 90 min: 750,- Regular sessions 60 min: 600,- . Discounts available.

Out bodies mirror our lifestyles.

When our body no longer wants to play the game is over.

Without it, no thoughts, no actions, and no expressions or experiences are possible.

Without our bodies, we have no world, no family, and no friends,

without our bodies we could not exist.

Its complex structure is fascinating , as are the lives it allows us to live.

- Menschen Museum, Berlin. fra utstillingen Bodyworlds