Aligning body and mind on stage and in life


-Learn how to use mind-body techniques to self-regulate your Autonomic Nervous system and affect unwanted states of stress and tension?

-Gain access to your body´s natural toolbox of somatic techniques and built-in mechanisms of self-restoration?

- Learn concrete tools to work with stage fright and physical hindrances to musical performance which has a direct effect on how your body performs during stress?


Somatic coaching is a form of body-centered coaching which looks at the connections between mind and body, and, based on this knowledge, uses simple tools like breath work, movement, mental exercises, interoception and applied focus to help you navigate stressful challenges, like

  • Stage fright or performance anxiety
  • chronic pain.
  • symptoms of long term physical and emotional stress.
  • Stress from experiencing long term strain injuries.
  • If you have tried out different mental approaches to solving issues in your life and want to go beyond talking and consptualizing in order to heal.

Physcial pain, cronic tension, stress, overwhelm or performance anxiety - they all have in common that the physical symptoms they create (pain, numbness, tension, emotional upheavals, cold and clammy hands, racing heart, shaky fingers, foggy awareness or loss of fine motor control), all of them are created and driven by activity in our autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system is responsible for balancing a lot of the activity in our bodies, including monitoring and governing our digestion, our heart rate, and our breath pattern, but it also plays an important part in our stress responses.

The autonomic nervous system is autonomic, not automatic - even if it is self-governing and runs its operations without us knowing it we can still affect it in different ways.



Somatic coaching involves learning about those ways. In a session I apply a wide variety of tools including, but not only, breath techniques, movement techniques, mindfulness practices, guided somatic awareness and applied focus to support and strengthen our ability for neurological self-regulation.

The foundations of these sessions are therapeutic self-improvement, rather than therapy, hence the word “coaching”.

A session can be physically active or subtle and still, tailored to your unique situation. You achieve tools to meet the challenges in your life in a more embodied and fluid way with your body as an active participant in the process.

My work and the techniques I use are founded on the principles of the Polyvagal Theory and the functions of the Autonomic Nervous system. For a great introduction to these topics see the video below


You have tools available.

Learn how to use them


My credentials include:

Certified Timani Teacher - 3-year certification. Musician´s Health and Movement Institute

Certified personal trainer, Restorative exercise specialist (200+ hours). The Nutritious Movement Center

Moving Fascia Foundations - 6 weeks online course in fascial anatomy for movement trainers. Evolve Movement Education

Hands-on dissection course. 5 days intensive. The School of medicine, Katowice. Functional Fascia

Certified Mind Detox Practitioner. The Mind Detox Academy




A short introduction to Trauma and the Autonomic Nervous System from a Polyvagal perspective