“Timani provides a whole new awareness when it comes to the requirements for musicians. I have worked with many good therapists but I am happy that I found something as specialized as this. I feel that Timani is unique.” 

- Leif Ove Andsnes, international piano soloist


-Improve your sound, increase your stamina and tap into more of your musical potential?

-prevent or alleviate pain, reoccurring tensions or discomforts related to playing your instrument?

- To find out if stage fright and nerves are all "in your head" or if they might be a result of the ways you use your body when playing?

- Rediscover your initial joy of music making by acquiring a tool-kit tailored for encountering and managing the specific physical and emotional challenges of a life-long career as a musician?

- Learn how to access a full and natural breath without compromising other parts of your technique?

- Learn how to analyse and evaluate the way your students move when playing in order to better understand how to help them develop their technique in the best way?

Playing an instrument is a physical activity, and getting the body to fully support our musical intention is a fundamental part of being a musician.

Timani is the method for musicians, professional and amateur alike, who whishes to take their music experience to the next level. It is a practical, hands-on technique to make you optimize your playing or singing through tools like musician-relevant anatomy and physiology, movement analysis and physical exercises which all are based on a scientific understanding of the particular needs of musicians.
Even though every musician needs both muscular strength, agility and stamina in order to play music, just going to the gym regularly or having your own daily yoga practice, however valuable as an additional support, is not detailed enough to adress the specific requirements of the body of a musician. A pianist has other physical challenges than a flutist or a cellist when it comes to using their body in the best way possible during playing. But often we are given surprisingly unspecific messages when it comes to what exactly our body needs to do in order to acheive a particular sound, expression or technical mastery.

Have you ever heard things like "relax your shoulders", "have a heavy arm" or "breathe into the pit of the stomach"? Did you know that there are more than 20 different muscles which affect your shoulders? Some of these acctually play an active role in stabilizing your shoulder blade and by doing so supports the movement of your arm making it possible for you to increase the speed and accuracy of your fingers, hand and arm. Wouldn´t it be good to know exactly which of these 20 muscles we should be "relaxing" and which we definitely shouldn´t relax?

And wouldn´t it be great to learn an exercise which makes that specific coordination happen by itself?

In other words: what we need is not simplified messages or over-complicated anatomical charts but exercises which helps you develope the perfect coordination for what you want to acheive on your instrument, - be that a more full sound, more rapid finger movements, more stamina, speed, better airflow and so on. 

Timani is developed by the Norwegian pianist Tina Margareta Nilssen, founder of the Musicians Health and Movement Institute in Oslo, Norway


1. You play your instrument/sing while I observe and make a video recording of you playing/singing

2. We look at the recording to analyze your movement patterns and coordination 

3. You get a clear anatomical explanation of what we want to change or optimize and why

4. You learn an exercise which specifically targets the areas we have found in the analysis

5. You learn how to integrate the new coordination into your playing

6. You play your instrument/sing with the new coordination, exploring the difference



"During the course I had the chance to play for Miriam. She helped me find a posture that gave me a freedom in my hands that I have never experienced before. The sound was also full and warm without a lot of effort. I realized that maybe playing the viola is not so hard after all."

Marina Stelina Siani, Viola student. Royal Danish Academy of Music


Find muscles and connections through your body that you didn´t know existed.

- Lars Harboe, singer, songwriter, artist, guitarist


Life changing and mind opening! Would absolutely recommend to friends and family, musicians or not!

- Maria Gïlicel, violin student at the Royal College of Music


Eye-opening! I’m even more curious now and I am looking forward to learn more.

- Jonna Järvitalo, flute student at the Royal College of Music


Timani is just what you need to bring your musicianship to the next level: It allows you to gain full control of that perfect machine that we use to express ourselves: our body.

- Pierpaolo Casamassima, violin student at Royal College of Music


Unmissable for musicians who want to learn more about themselves for their career.

- Christopher Quaid, violin student at the Royal College of Music


This method is the answer to enjoying music and discovering your potential as a musician and person.

- Sarah Daramy-Williams, violin student at the Royal College of Music


This course is extremely useful no matter what your instruments are or wherter you are a musician or not. It is knowledge that comes in handy in every area and I would not have missed it for anything. Highly recomended!

- Ingrid Halvorsen