The soundscapes of the world are changing. How does this affect us as humans?

A concert lecture about the lost art of listening and the vanishing soundscapes of our world. An artistic project under development...

Sound is more than a consequence of life, it upholds our world

A concert lecture of free improv, active listening, and soundscapes

Sound in nature is not merely a consequence of the biological diversity of that area, it also contributes to sustaining that area and its biodiversity. In the same way Music also reflects the time and world in which it is created. Music is not only a consequence of the culture within which it appears but also contributes in shaping it. That also goes for the practical reality surrounding music making where every musician has a responsibility to work to affect the situation at hand. Just like every Musical experience involves co-creation between the music and the listener, so every musician is responsible for the emotional and philosophical views, values, and ideas we address through our work, and to recognize that everything we do is dependent on having a life and a home, both of which again depends on having a living planet to live on.

In the project Vanishing Soundscapes we wish to raise awareness of the alarming loss of biological diversity happening in our world and the effect this has on the world's soundscapes. Sound connects us to our surroundings and plays a vital part in human life as well as in nature. We are more affected by our sonic surroundings than we know, but as a race we humans tend to see our sonic surroundings as either a screen to shield us against noise or as entertainment. In the wellness-industry the use of soundscapes of nature-sounds are often used for its soothing and relaxing effect, for a good reason: our biological structures are designed to respond well to these soundscapes. At the same time, we are slowly sound polluting our world in our blind search for resources and by that destroying those very soundscapes we seek for recreation.



Miriam Hlavaty

Piano/artistic idea

The listening Experience

Victoria Johnson

Violin/electric violin/electronics




Videoartist (not decided)

Previous projects

Child for solo cello. A work commissioned for the Akerselva Chamber Music Festival in 2020

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