This is the homepage of Miriam Hlavaty and you are most heartily welcome to my world of listening, music, anatomy, Fascia, movement, musician´s health, perception, pain science and everything in between.

Welcome to The Listening Experience.


... is my main focus and tool as a musician and lecturer for increasing musical awareness and enhancing the listening experience the essence of my approach as a somatic bodyworker for increasing health and physical and mental  function and awareness, in playing, movement and living.


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This webpage is written in English because I have many international clients and lack the technical wizardry of a multi-language webpage (and google-translated webpages can be a funny but confusing experience.) Despite my somewhat unpronounceable last name I am Norwegian so if you want to contact me feel free to write in Norwegian or English.


Zen House. Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo

Home studio at Holmlia, Søndre Nordstrand

Timani: movement and health for musicians

“Timani provides a whole new awareness when it comes to the requirements for musicians. I have worked with many good therapists but I am happy that I found something as specialized as this. I feel that Timani is unique.” 

- Leif Ove Andsnes, internationally renowned pianist

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Myofascial Energetic Release (MER)

 A deeply nourishing and innovative approach to bodywork and pain treatment, working with the fascia system of the body and honoring the Mind-body connection.

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For musicians, music teachers, conservatories, universities, ensembles, and orchestras:

  •  Timani - How to access your own- or your student´s full potential as a musician. Practical tools for supporting mental and physical health for musicians including relevant anatomical and neurological knowledge tailored specifically to musicians needs. Giving musicians the tools and necessary knowledge to thrive both mentally and physically in their occupation.


For the curious, musically interested mind:

  • In between the listener and the music stands the listening experience. What really happens neurologically when we listen to music, and why is one man's music another man's dental drill? In this lecture you will experience how you can consciously affect your listening experience by training your ability to change between what is called "listening intentions". An interactive lecture on listening and human perception which invites you to a richer and more conscious way of experiencing music and listening. 

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For bodyworkers, yoga teachers, somatic therapists, or movement teachers:

  • Specifically tailored lectures or lecture/workshops about the fascia system, the autonomic nervous system, the polyvagal theory, biological stress-responses, and accessible tools of self-regulation, and how to apply this knowledge in your classes and teachings.  Knowledge of the fascia system and the nervous system adds a whole new dimension to your movement practice, and a concrete understanding of the physiological connections between body and mind.

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Naomi, Dance therapist:

I am very grateful for the clearest presentation of the polyvagal system and the nervous system I have ever encountered. Miriam helped me far more than my many efforts to understand Porges through his writing. This lecture underscored all that we do in therapy and gave me some new ideas and lots of reminders. I wish many of my colleagues had attended and will share the announcement for the fascia lecture with them.

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