Timani - tools and concrete anatomical and physiological knowledge helping musicians aligning body with musical intention

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Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) - Deep-tissue bodywork to increase and restore mobility, tissue hydration and neurological balance and to aid in the healing and restoration of injuries and pain

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As an aw-inspiring entity which acctually changes, adapts and re-builds depending on how you use it?

As something which can be used as a compass to let you know what is really going on in your life and how it affects you? 

As an adversary who for unknown reasons turns on you at irregular intervals?

As something which can´t be trusted but needs a stern mind to control it or else might indulge or avoid what is necessary?

We all walk around in this amazing and wonderous contraption called "a body", which can be used in such a variety of ways, some of which might seem to border on magic.

Even so we are given little or no knowledge about it as we grow up and many times we are also conditioned or expected to ignore its signals and subtle messages when they don´t align with the demands of society or our everyday life.

Our society tends to favour a very mental focus when adressing problems of the mind as well as of the body.

There are, however, things that can not be reached through a merely mental or verbal process, or where somatic tools allows us to go deeper and be more effective, sidestepping our conceptual mind and diving into the truly remarkable toolbox of embodied awareness.

In my work I offer different forms of services which all of them are based on an embodied perspective coupled with up-to-date scientific research on the  Fascia system and the nervous system.


Our bodies mirror our lifestyles.

When our body no longer wants to play the game is over.

Without it, no thoughts, no actions, and no expressions or experiences are possible.

Without our bodies, we have no world, no family, and no friends,

without our bodies we could not exist.

Its complex structure is fascinating, as are the lives it allows us to live.

- Menschen Museum, Berlin. fra utstillingen Bodyworlds