Structural bodywork

Structural bodywork and massage to increase and restore mobility, tissue hydration and neurological balance and to aid in the healing and restoration of injuries and pain

Body-Mind connection

The possibility for trauma healing effects, by working with the felt sense of the body and activating the body’s natural ability to self-regulate and release emotional and psychological traumas through gentle movement and breath

Myofascial unwinding

Myofascial unwinding, actively utilizing movement and breathwork during sessions to release and integrate.

Miriam meets you with such sensibility, gentleness, compassion, and deep knowledge on how body, emotions and mind are at work.  Whatever you come with, be it of emotional, physical or mental character - she is right there with you and helps you detect and find how body and mind are linked.  After a session with Miriam I feel deeply touched, nourished and I leave with deeper understanding about myself and my process. It is even difficult to find words that cover the depth of gratitude I feel after a session.

- Unni, MER-client

This was THE most amazing massage I have ever had! Miriam is so sensitive and really listened and sensed how my body would respond the best! My ribcage has never felt so flexible and open! Revelating!

-Mikkel Fjeld, opera singer and MER-client

Your body is not a set structure but a work in progress. It is malleable, stretchy, fluid, adaptable beyond belief and is always striving towards healing within the limits of its present knowledge and capacity.

Through a MER-session you give your body the support it needs to begin necessary changes towards greater health.

What is MER?

Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) is a method of therapeutic deep tissue bodywork which targets the Fascia System of the body. It combines slow and deep manipulation of tissues with guided breathwork, assisted stretches, focused micro-movements, joint release, craniosacral work, structural bodywork, and neurological relaxation techniques. Unlike traditional wellness massage MER is not a treatment where the client remains passive and receiving. Instead, the client's own system of regulation and healing is activated through guided breathwork, movement and somatic focus.

Myofascial Energetic Release is highly effective in alleviating chronic pain and increasing mobility, somatic awareness, and the mind-body connection, while also gently addressing somatic expressions of emotional and mental pain stored in the body.

MER is based on a deep respect for the inner reasons of the body and mind, and has an emphasis on empowerment, support, and exploration. A special emphasis is placed on the Mindful presence of the practitioner.

The method is developed by Satyarthi Peloquin

What is FASCIA?

The Fascia system is the construct which connects and supports all the other systems in your body. It is a 3-dimentional continuum of soft, collagen-containing loose and dense connective tissue composed mainly of fibres and a gel-like fluid called Ground substance. It is found almost everywhere in the body and its texture depends on its function and on the location of the tissue.
Previously the Fascia system was seen mainly as an inert "packing material" for the muscles, the bones and the organs of the body. Today we know that this system plays a vital part in musculoskeletal dynamics or in movement as well as being a highly tuned sensory organ. There are about 6-10 times as many sensory receptors in our Fascia tissue as in our muscles, and every movement that you make is dependent on sensors in your Fascia feeding you brain the right information. (Want to know what happens if the brain does not receive this information? - read this article about Ian Waterman -the man who lost his body)
The Fascia system also plays a decisive role in chronic pain and pain syndroms, and it is central in all movement dynamics and therefor extremely useful to know about for musicians (For more information on why Fascia matters to musicians read this blog)


A lot of ailments and movements deficiencies which were previously thought to be skeletal/muscular are today known to originate from the fascia or be highly influenced by the state of the Fascia system. Prolonged states of stress can chemically trigger contractions of the fascia system, making Fascia one of the clearest examples of how our state of mind is mirrored in the state of our bodies.
But the Fascia system is also highly changeable, and adapts and remodels itself continuously. And one of the best ways to assist this remoddeling processes is through mechanical stimulation done within a setting of safety and trust

The fascia system is the part of our body most densely packed with neurological receptors, and because of this close-nit relationship with the nervous system the quality of the touch we use when working with these tissues is of vital importance.

I was trained as a musician and my fascination with bodywork, anatomy and Fascia began when trying to find solutions to lengthy work-related strain-injuries. When we are in pain the quest for a cure can sometimes bring us to unexpected places. For me this quest sent me into the vast landscape of anatomy, neurology, movement-analysis, bodywork and most of all: a deep-dive into the fascinating world of Fascia.

The study of Fascia was my way into a deeper understanding of the physiological reality behind terms like «embodiment» and «body-mind connection». Growing up in an over-sensitive body with frequent bouts of sickness and cronic pains have given me an intuitive understanding of how internal emotional and mental states affect (and is affected by) the physical states of the body. But it was only after studying Fascia, through a wide variety of angles including workshops, education, research, dissection, and bodywork training that I understood the actual physical connections which this fascinating system of tissues creates, - and how it connects and influences our muscles, our nervous system, our hormones and the very environment of our cells. Today I use this knowledge to help people towards a more wholesome relation with their own bodies. 

We live in a fluid body which is constantly changing and adapting: to our personal physical and emotional surroundings as well as to our own inner climate of experiences, psychological holding patterns, concious and unconcious postural habits and neurological survival strategies. Any type of bodywork should have as its foundation a deep respect for this fact, and it is the reason gentleness will always be the place from which I approach every person who comes to me for treatment. 

 In my sessions I also combine MER- techniques with movement refinement training and coordinating exercises in order to help the body explore new patterns of breath, movement, support and relaxation.

As a musician and trained practitioner in Timani - a method for enhanced movement coordination and retraining for musicians - I also offer bodywork sessions specifically targeting the ailments of musicians. 

First session always includes:

  • a preliminary talk about previous and current health-issues
  • a body-reading

I use an organic massage cream of bees' wax, shea butter and sweet almond oil, which contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. As we are targeting the fascia beneath the skin the amount of cream used during a session is very smal.

A MER session lasts for 90 min and is 1020,- NOK 

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The fascia system is the construct which holds and connects all the other systems of the body.
It is a key factor in movement dynamics of any form, the seat of your body-awareness (our interoception) and the scaffold of your nervous system. It also plays a vital part when it comes to pain.

Knowledge of the Fascia system and how it interacts with our nervous system in relation to pain experience, bodywork, movement and stress management is the key to being able to give your clients the best understanding, whether you are a yoga teacher, dance therapist, somatic coach, PT or movement worker of any kind.

I offer online and live lectures on the fascia system which are guaranteed to give both teachers and students some aha-moments regarding this amazing structure and its many properties, from a body-mind perspective.

All lectures are 2 hours and can be taken separately or together. The two fascia-lectures, in particular, are complementary. An extra 15-30 min can be added for Q&A at the end of each lecture.



 I got a lot out of the three-part series by Miriam on pain and fascia. I liked the last one the best because it interwove movement and meditation with the educational. I especially liked the cell meditation. I heard some sounds I think were from my body that were not digestion nor heart and breathing sounds. The middle lecture was most helpful for folks with chronic pain.

-Carro, yoga student

Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) is developed by Satyarthi Peloquin. https://www.myofascialtrainings.com/

The MER training is facilitated and taught at the Integral Body Institute in Poland. https://integralbodyinstitute.com/en/



The MER training is facilitated and taught by Elemental Bodywork in France and Greece. https://www.elemental-bodywork.com/home