Curriculum Vitae


Certified Timani Master teacher 2013 – 2018

Anatomical, biomechanical and neurological approaches to technical and musical mastery for musicians.
Anatomy, myofascial and structural bodywork, proprioceptive training, core awareness, alignment, Görtz technique, connective tissue-work.
Practial application of techniques from these subjects applied to musicians in order to restore /train a better and more holistic and less straining playing technique.

Certification training, workshops, lectures and private tuition

The Musicians´ Health and Movement Institute, Oslo


Myofascial Energetic Release practitioner (300 hours) 2018 - 2024

Deep tissue bodywork combined with release techniques for tissue mobilization. Focus on pain relief, mobility restoration, breath work, Fascia, Mind-Body connection, increased interoception and awareness and Mindful presence from the practitioner.

IBI Integral Body Institute, Kikow. Polen/ Elemental Bodywork, France


Restorative Exercise specialist in Nutritious Movement 2014 – 2015

Biomechanically based movement training with the goal of restoring the optimal movements patterns of the body.
Biomechanics', anatomy, biology, movement therapy.

Nutritious Movement, Ventura, USA


Master of Music in applied Music Theory 2007 – 2009

Master thesis: The development of form-awareness by means of aural Sonology.

Study in the use of aural sonological analysis as a means to acheive increased form-awareness and aural awareness in students of music performance.
Main subjects: the 20th century music history, phenomenology and sonological analysis.
Passed with top marks.


Bachelor of Music Performance, Piano 2001 – 2006

main instrument, piano.
Fields of specialization: contemporary music and performance, musical rhetoric, Sonology and improvisation.

The Norwegian academy of Music, Oslo


Foundation and intermediate courses, Classical Archaeology 1998 – 2000

Intermediate subject study: Christ-images in early christian art
Art and architecture in late iron age, early middel ages.

University of Oslo and The Norwegian Institute in Rome

Shorter Courses


– Moving Fascia Foundations. Online 6 weeks-course in Fascial Anatomy for movement trainers. (Fascial anatomy, embryology, tensegrity, remodeling and tissue-knowledge) 

Evolve Movement Education.



– 5-day hands-on dissection course (40 academic hours) 

Medical dissection with a special focus on Fascia.

Functional Fascia by Julian Baker. School of Medicine, Katowice, Poland



– Fascia in Movement: Fascial Foundations (1 CE) – Kinesis Inc. 
– Fascia in Movement: Fascial Architecture (1CE) – Kinesis Inc.
– Fascia in Movement: Fascial Hydration & Neurology (1CE) – Kinesis Inc. 

CEU-credits webinars, Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians. Tom Myers



– The Psoas Muscle. 
Core Awareness Workshop with Liz Koch



– Inspiration in Music. 

Workshop in improvisation and musical creativity with Barry Green, author ofThe Inner Game of Music
Oakland, USA


Playing it, Teaching it. Writing it. Writing about it. Lecturing about it. Loving it


Movement. Guidance. Pain- and trauma relief. Mind-Body focus. Coaching


Lectures. Trainings. Research. Articles. Concerts. Teachings. Wonder-sharing

Work experience

Lectures and teaching

2015 – present

Introductory courses/weekend courses and private tuition in Timani and musicians' health.

Various cities in Norway (Oslo, Trondheim, Tromsø, Kristiansand) and Sweeden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, England and Singapore


2020 - 2021

Neuroscience and motivational support for musicians

Neuroscience, stress regulation and mental and physical techniques for musicians.

EUJAM European Jazz Master Program

Online lecture/workshop



"Resources for musicians in times of heightened stress during the Covid-19 crisis"

Special lecture/workshop for students and staff at the Jazz-department at the institute of Music, NTNU, Trondheim



Performance preparations in Corona- times

Bachelor studies, Institute of Music, NTNU, Trondheim


2020 - 2021

Three lectures on Fascia, movement, pain-science, and the Nervous system in relation to movement practices and Yoga

Online lectures hosted by Maria Hamburger, Yoga, US.

2019 - present

"Performance Preparation - motivation, performance, stress-responses and the Nervous System for Musicians"

Annual guest tutor at the Bachelor program at the institute of Music, NTNU, Trondheim


2015 - 2019.

“Performance psychology: Neurological and biomechanical principles for increased achievement in music” 

Annual guest tutor at the master's program in Performance Psychology at the institute of Music, NTNU, Trondheim



Timani: Presence and interoception – Tools for achieving authenticity and enhanced physical coordination in students of music.

Lecture at The Performers(`)Present Symposium in Singapore 27 – 30 October 



“Timani work physiology for musicians” 

“The adaptable body/ the adaptable mind – relevant physiological knowledge for musicians” 

“Listening – neurological training for musicians.” 

3 Lectures on Timani and relevant anatomical/neurological knowledge with listening guidance.

Tromsø Conservatory of music



“Listening – the invisibel art form.”

Lecture with listening guidance.

The Timani festival, Solstua. Holmenkollen



“Into the grand piano”

Consert lecture

The Norwegian Academy of Music



“Fra innsiden av pianoet”

Lecture on listening and creative processes.

State academy of art and scienses, Oslo

Other Work

2005 – present

The Listening Experience (private company)

Timani master teacher, pianist, piano teacher, composer, lecturer, Bodyworker, writer. 
Teaching, bodywork, concerts, lectures, and articles


2015 – 2017 

NLA academy Staffeldtsgate, Oslo

Piano instructor, piano 



Conservatory of music, Tromsø

Guest teacher and lecturer in Timani work physiology. 
Lectures, single- and group tuition of Bachelor- and Master students


2006 – present


Senior adviser – department of Special education Technology 

Adaptation, recording and proof-reading of digital audiobooks for the department of education. Lectures and presentations on the various advantages and disadvantages of digital books for students with reading disabilities or visual impairment. The DAISY formatet (Digital Accessible Information System). Testing of special education technology, workshops in NAV. Project manager


2014- 2016

Music writer 
column “Miriam – Jakten på filteret”. About listening and musical awareness


 Oslo Chambermusic festival

Administrative concert leader 2003 – 2008
coordinating and administrating concerts, caring for artists, communications between artist and venue mm.