As a music writer in various publications I write about listening, musical awareness, unfamiliar soundscapes, hearing colors, Psyco-accoustics and biological listening intentions, sound as both torture and theraphy, concert hall-battlefields, listening as a way of awareness, musical sculptures and instruments of wonder and amazement, chrystal organs and inflatable guitars, well-organized frog pools, music as a political weapon, inner and outer filters of perception, horrendous accidents, horses that are fruits and much more.

The common denominator for all these articles is an ever-lasting curiosity for anything connected to the listening experience and a wish to share how we all, by becoming more concious listeners, have the power to affect both the way we experience listening as well as life.

Most of my articles are, as yet, only available in Norwegian.

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Everything is connected - Entangled senses

Music is known as an efficient emotional trigger, but physiologically speaking our auditory senses has the potential for creating multi-sensory experiences and sometimes making it possible for us to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

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Inner and outer listening

As musicians we have the responsibility to convey the emotional content of the music to our audience but in order to do this: is it enough to be able to experience this emotional content ourselves or is a certain detachment needed to be able to listen, not only to our inner experience but to our outer sound projections as well?

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Where does the music end and the listening begin?

Every day our mind is occupied by trying to create coherence between an unimaginable amount of fragments brought to us through our different senses. Art and music reflects the essential fact that we humans are not sharing one reality but rather perceiving myriads of different possibilities of reality, all interlaced and happening at the same time. And in the music of certain composers this fact makes for a listening experience that is part listening, part joyous co-creation.

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An artistic meeting beyond time

On the 5 of January 2016 the great composer, conductor and pianist Pierre Boulez passed into eternity. As a lifetime explorer of new musical dimensions he has, for me, been a great source of inspiration. The following is an imagined meeting which I personally would have loved to witness and a small tribute to the great and timeless minds of three immaculate artists who, in my view, share the common feature of fearless exploration into Art: Pierre Boulez, Pablo Picasso and Johann Sebastian Bach.

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